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Welcome to the small planet (aka blog) of moi! I am Echo. Just Echo. I used to have so much spare time that I could actually update my blog regularly, but things have gotten a bit busy. That and I suppose I don't lead the most gripping life, but I try! Read on and Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ahh Memories


OMG did I not say that advertisements and spammers can go to hell?! I'm sick of it. Just because I'm not on here much does not give you free reign to bombard my page.

So it's kind of weird typing on this after so long of not keeping up. I guess I'm just typing on this for the pure hell of memories and such. Not much to do but go through old posts and stuff.

Honestly, I'm just on here because I was recently directed to another blogger page and it just reminded me of all my hard work and hours spent typing away at this thing. I figured it deserved a respectful visit after all the time it kidnapped and killed.

It certainly gave food to my imagination. It gave me a reason to think and type and write. I always have reasons for those though.

But hell...maybe I'll start writing here again.

Echo/Lilac Whoever

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