Le Planet De Echo

Welcome to the small planet (aka blog) of moi! I am Echo. Just Echo. I used to have so much spare time that I could actually update my blog regularly, but things have gotten a bit busy. That and I suppose I don't lead the most gripping life, but I try! Read on and Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A movie I now would like to see. After that last post was hijacked, said friend walked away after googling mirrormask to read up on. It sounds fascinating.

you guys are lucky. He distracted me from my bitter angry rant.

Now I am out of things so say and would like to go outside for...air.

Just me...just me
Whoever I am


Just Me said...

Spam....go fucking die

Anonymous said...

Впечатляющая новость, как долго ожидать публикации новенького материала и вообщем стоит ожидать ?

Anonymous said...

О! Sólo pensaba que iba a comentar y decir que gran tema, ¿lo de código por sí mismo? Realmente parece excelente!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at flyonforever.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


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Cain said...

I can't believe how long it has been.... I can't believe what happened to Echo either... but I guess it shouldn't come as such a surprise, given what happened to the rest of our own crew... most of them got sick or ended up turning on themselves. You can only fight for so long. .. Today was the anniversary of the deaths of a few of our members and I guess it's been really... kinda hard for me and Catch/Katara/ whatever the hell she wanted people to call her back when we all used to keep in contact. Now that the chase is kind of over for us, and most of our members have either passed away or moved on, life has been pretty.... normal. It's taken a huge toll on her. I don't think she'll be able to function normally among society. But I mean.. I don't blame her. I can do all the public functioning for her. She had a lot of weight to carry being our leader. I still don't think she'll ever be as chipper and lively as she used to be.
You guys were like the only people who really seemed to know what it was like, back when things were kinda chaos. But you know, chaos was the way we liked it. And I think Echo and. .. Storm? They were our best friends. They seemed to get it.
Sonar was pretty cool too.
I guess I just wanted to check this out again for nostalgic reasons, having internet access again and all. I'm surprised I found it. But that's the power of the Internet right? Heh.

Seeing as the last post was so long ago, I doubt anyone will read this. But. I guess it doesn't matter.
I'm just saying hello. That I remember you all, and Catch does too. And I'm looking back at memories. That's all.

Good luck in your travels.
Sincerely, Cain